TradeHub International will offer superior service to small, medium and large businesses throughout the world by uniting Buyers, Suppliers and Service Providers in order to stimulate international growth. International Growth will be further stimulated through education, missions and hands on support.


TradeHub International will be the hub for international activities for clients throughout the world by seamlessly integrating the buying process with supply chain solutions and financial services.


Unwavering EthicsTHI HQ

  • Don’t Comprise
  • Preach Hope not Fear
  • Focus on the Relationship
  • Client’s Interests Before Our Own
  • Maintain Integrity

Relationship Building-Developing Key Partnerships

  • Respect for Others
  • Respect for Culture
  • Create Win-Win Agreements
  • Create Strategic Alliances

Have Fun

  • Don’t Dwell on Mistakes – Learn from Them
  • Team Mentality
  • Imagine and Create
  • Never Stop Learning