Market Research may be the most important aspect of any business endeavor and it becomes even more imperative as you begin to explore the international market place. THI will start out with Macro Research, looking at both external and internal factors that can impact your success. This can include:

  • Trade Statistics
  • Economic Indices (PMI, GDP, etc.)
  • Geopolitical Environment
  • Exchange Rates
  • Transparency

This will establish a view of the market place from a 10,000 foot level.

Once we have the information we need, we will meticulously narrow done the options utilizing micro data including, but not limited to:

  • Category/Industry Specific Data
  • Harmonized Code/AMS Trade Statistics
  • Product Adaptability
  • Customer Buying Habits
  • Pricing Data
  • Local Distribution Options

This will help pinpoint the best opportunity for your business. The research can be industry or product based dependent upon your needs. We can provide you with the data and analysis necessary to allow for effective and efficient decisions making while mitigating risk and avoiding costly mistakes. A final Report is then produced that will include both the macro and micro industry and country data, as well as actionable items that THI can work with your company to execute.

A request for research can often be part of a larger, more comprehensive proposal. We offer a Phase Approach that is designed to integrate research and strategy building that, upon completion, will establish a turnkey international import/export department.


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