After research has been conducted, or if you have the information you need, we can begin to build effective strategies that will eventually lead to a successful overseas experience. These strategies can include, but not limited to:

  • Pricing Strategies
  • Product Development/Alteration Strategies
  • Market Penetration Strategies
  • Distribution Strategies
  • Marketing Strategies

We find that many companies attempt to enter international markets for the wrong reasons. Whether it is based on the advice of a friend, a visit they have taken or someone that called asking if they could rep their product, inevitably the process takes longer or fails to grow at a desired rate based on the lack of solid research and executable strategies.

We design all of our projects in phases, and as we develop strategies we look into every aspect of your business to ensure that nothing has been missed. If you are interested in receiving a proposal, please contact us and we will set a preliminary meeting to identify your needs.

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