TradeHub International

Your Hub for International Trade

Whether your company is in need of education and training, market research and penetration strategies or door-to-door import/export services, TradeHub International can help. With an extensive global network, we can take you from education to application, helping you achieve your international goals!



To offer superior service to small, medium and large businesses throughout the world by uniting Buyers, Suppliers and Service Providers in order to grow global opportunities for our clients via Education, Research and On-the-Ground Support.


TradeHub International was founded in November of 2005 and has worked across every industry in over 50 Countries. Our experience is in more than product and services, as it has been built on relationships.

What We Do

TradeHub International creates opportunities for its clients through research and its established global network in order to create a turnkey import or export experience setting your company up for global success.


– Education
– Research
– Buyer/Supplier Relationships
– Import/Export Implementation
– Strategy Building

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